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John Furber's Recommended Books on the Biology of Aging
... and other things.

Mitochondria Reference Books

Suggestion from John: Preserve your night vision and protect your circadian rhythm by cutting out the blue portion of the spectrum in the evenings.

  • You can use the UVEX S0360X or UVEX S1933X glasses while viewing computer, tablet, phone, or TV screens or in white room light. They will screen out nearly all of the blue light, while letting you see all of the other colors normally.
  • The S0360X and the S1933X have the same spectral filtering lenses. UVEX S0360X fit better over reading glasses. S1933X has wrap-around, curved lenses.
  • Here are two hardshell cases large enough to hold the curved UVEX S1933X glasses.

Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens

Ling Zhi (Reishi mushrooms): Boil a few of these dried slices for a 10 minutes to make a bitter, but healthful tea. The same slices can be reboiled several days in a row.
Dried, sliced Reishi Mushrooms from Life Gourmet Shop.

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